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Van Canto Sly verlässt die Band -

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 14. August 2017 - 14:59

Van Canto Sly verlässt die Band
Da darf ein Klagelied angestimmt werden: Leadsänger Philip Dennis “Sly” Schunke verlässt nach zehn Jahren VAN CANTO. Auf der Facebook-Seite der Band betont er: “Es ist eine Entscheidung, die ich aus Gründen von privaten Veränderungen treffen ...

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Die Bier-Monologe: Hallenser Produktion am Donnerstag erneut in der Nato - Leipziger Volkszeitung

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 14. August 2017 - 13:25

Leipziger Volkszeitung

Die Bier-Monologe: Hallenser Produktion am Donnerstag erneut in der Nato
Leipziger Volkszeitung
Das Publikum lacht herzlich mit, ob nun eine lustige A-cappella-Version von Michael Jacksons „Billie Jean“ dargeboten wird oder eine der Frauen die anderen beiden physisch über die Bühne zerren muss, um sie zu motivieren, endlich mal etwas ganz ...

Ein Tenor und sein Lieblingsbuch - Augsburger Allgemeine

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 12. August 2017 - 16:06

Augsburger Allgemeine

Ein Tenor und sein Lieblingsbuch
Augsburger Allgemeine
Nach Landrat Martin Sailer und Historikerin Martha Schad steht in der heutigen Folge Dr. Klaus-Peter Gulden, Sänger (Countertenor) der bekannten A-cappella-Band VoiceNet Rede und Antwort. Was lesen Sie aktuell und warum? ANZEIGE. Gulden: Zum ...

20 Gründe, sich auf den Oktober zu freuen - Augsburger Allgemeine

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 11. August 2017 - 0:32

20 Gründe, sich auf den Oktober zu freuen
Augsburger Allgemeine
Die A-cappella-Band Viva Voce spielt am 8. Oktober das Kirchenprogramm „Ein Stück des Weges“ und verspricht höchste Musikalität, professionelle Gesangskunst und eine gehörige Portion Gänsehautfeeling. Einen Kammermusikabend gestaltet am 11.

Vom Gospel bis zur Sinfonie - Augsburger Allgemeine

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 10. August 2017 - 15:17

Vom Gospel bis zur Sinfonie
Augsburger Allgemeine
Ein ganzer Block war dann a cappella dem Chor vorbehalten. Die Huldigung des göttlichen Vaters kam aus den verschiedensten christlichen Regionen der Welt. „Salmo 150“ des Brasilianers Ernani Aguiar (*1950) lebt von wiederholenden Elementen und ...

Schmölln als Ort für Altenburger Musikfestival - Ostthüringer Zeitung

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 10. August 2017 - 2:39

Schmölln als Ort für Altenburger Musikfestival
Ostthüringer Zeitung
Schmölln. Das Altenburger Musikfestival kommt am Samstag nach Schmölln . Um 16 Uhr gastieren die Octavians in der Stadtkirche St. Nicolai. A cappella bieten sie Songs aus den Jahrhunderten von Bach bis Beatles, wie es heißt. Die Octavians, acht junge ...

Coaches and judges help you move from fair to good (and good to great!)

Barbershop Harmony Society (engl.) - 8. August 2017 - 23:04

Barbershop can be many things to singers: an art form; a competitive sport; a casual get-together with some chords thrown in. Where you live in this spectrum shapes your approach to the opportunity to appear in BHS contests.

As the old saying has it, “What gets measured gets improved,” and in the service of those two ends, a cohort of devoted barbershop teachers have evolved over the years around the contest system:

  • A barbershop contest judge adjudicates BHS competitions and provides immediate feedback to singers as a part of the contest experience.
  • A coach helps individuals, quartets, or choruses develop their skills during longer, individualized sessions, often building a working relationship that grows over time.

Coaching and judging are essentially two sides of the same coin of learning how to deliver quality, entertaining performances. Ideally, the intensive effort leading to a contest will yield better scores coming out, and the adjudication process will not only measures and rank success, but also provide feedback for continuing improvement across all performances.

Why go to contest?

Some chapters (or quartets) live and die by contests, with intense preparation, high expectations, and rigorous qualification requirements for members. Some ensembles have not competed for years and never will.

It’s easy and understandable for a chapter of limited resources and modest musical abilities to look at a powerhouse perennial champion chorus and think, “Why bother with contest? We’ll never touch them.” Certainly, competition feeds a hunger for achievement, and so it is not necessarily the driving force for many members. But ideally, it can also serve as a focal point for your barbershop musical education, self-improvement and ultimately, for building skills that transfer into all your public performances

Of course, the contest is just one part of a barbershop convention weekend that includes informal singing, (tags, Polecats, Afterglows) and other formal activities such as All-Chapter Choruses and Senior choruses.  

The BHS Contest and Judging system exists to serve all performers, and an increasing number of ensembles are choosing to enter contests “for evaluation only,” taking advantage of the educational aspects without publishing a score for comparison.

How you will be judged in contest

After your time on stage, your ensemble will have time with three of the contest judges to hear feedback, ask questions, and have a short coaching session. In BHS competitions, there are three main Judging Categories:

  • The Music Category judges the arranger’s skill and the performer’s musicianship in bringing the mood or story of the song to life, and the suitability of the material to the barbershop style.
  • The Performance Category judges evaluate how effectively a performer brings the song to life. They judge the entertainment value of the performance; the art of the performance.
  • The Singing Category judges artistic singing in the barbershop style – listening holistically for ringing in-tune voices that use a free, beautiful, and rich vocal quality, which is wonderfully unified and vocally expressive.

BHS contest judges — men and women, all volunteers! – are rigorously trained across a three-year cycle of instruction and practice A fourth group of certified judges, the Contest Administrators, tally scores, publish the results, and manage the flow of the event. Any interested BHS Member or Associate can apply to take part in this process.

What to expect from a judge
  • Objective, but compassionate scoring — Judges are certified every three years to ensure accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness in teaching and encouraging ensembles. Expect a number that reflects the actual performance, evaluated without bias, personal agenda, or external influence.
  • Reasonable discussions of your performance and ways to improve. If a judge loves something, you’ll hear it. If something needs work, you’ll hear that, too. Judges are on your side; they want you to get maximum satisfaction and success from your efforts.
  • Questions about your approaches and preparation, with recommendations for study, coaching and further improvement.
  • Actual live coaching of the ensemble, when available, with judges providing brief, direct instruction of concepts noted in the stage performance.
Coaching comes in many forms

In common usage, a coach is someone from outside the regular ensemble who provides instruction and assistance. Coaches can come from many disciplines and backgrounds: from BHS, other barbershop organizations, theater, dance, vocal specialists, and more.

Most of us encounter coaches in the preparation stages leading to contest, bringing an ensemble to its greatest potential on a few songs. But their ultimate goal is to reinforce the teaching that happens each week, and transfer that into every performance.

What to expect from a coach
  • Fresh eyes and ears — After six weeks on a song, directors and singers alike lose the ability to hear things in a new way.
  • Different/broader perspectives — many coaches are plugged in to more barbershop groups throughout the Society, and bring knowledge and ideas from outside.
  • Additional skill sets – a great vocal teacher in front of your chorus might have no ideas on visual presentation. A coach can augment the existing skill set.
  • Train the trainers – A good coach will work with the director/music leadership team to make sure the lessons learned are sustained in the weeks following after the session.
What not to expect from a coach
  • Miracles
  • Overnight transformation
  • Guaranteed increases in scores
Where to find coaches

The week-long Harmony University each summer offers intensive coaching for quartets or entire choruses

Contest judges are themselves often coaches. (Note: BHS rules prohibit judges from coaching any ensembles they will judge within thirty days.) You’ll also find qualified coaches in the ranks of district education teams, other chorus directors, quartet singers, and BHS faculty.

Are you interested in sharing your skills as a coaching? Learn more about the Coaching Apprentice Program

Hannover: „CantAria" - FOCUS Online

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 8. August 2017 - 15:52

Hannover: „CantAria"
FOCUS Online
Das Amtsgericht Hannover freut sich,am Dienstag, dem 22.08.2017 im Foyer des Amtsgerichts Hannover um 20:00 Uhr zu einem A-cappella-Konzert von Frauen-Vokalensemble CantAria einzuladen. Unter dem Titel „Dann in jener Nacht" präsentiert das ...

Certified Leadership Facilitators Commissioned at Harmony University 2017

Barbershop Harmony Society (engl.) - 8. August 2017 - 15:25
As a part of the recent Harmony University 2017, the Barbershop Harmony Society certified five new Leadership Facilitators, whose purpose is to serve as a community of trained experts who are passionate about making a difference through thought leadership.  Bob Cox, John Donehower, Karl Chapple, Wendell Glass, and Ric Keaser. Class of 2017 BHS Certified Leadership Facilitators   The Certified Leadership Facilitator program is one of the components under the volunteer arm Leadership Operations Project Team (LOPT) of BHS.    Now totaling 20 Certified Leadership Facilitators, each facilitator is equipped to deliver specific leadership training, serve as a support conduit between all of our chapters, and further progress & promote the Healthy Chapter Initiative.    Our class of certified facilitators who were certified last year (Class of 2016) also attended Harmony University to further their learning and growth, after already serving at many district schools and working with our chapters over the past year.    Further information about direct involvement with these facilitators will be sent to each district in the coming month. If your chapter is interested in finding out more about these facilitators, please visit:   If you have any questions, please reach out to Antonio Lombardi, BHS Manager of Chapter Leadership and Education at [email protected].   BHS Certified Leadership Facilitators (missing two current facilitators), Leadership Operations Project Team, and BHS Manager of Chapter Leadership & Education.

Octavians (A Cappella): Minuten aus Jahrhunderten von Bach bis Beatles - (Pressemitteilung) (Registrierung)

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 8. August 2017 - 12:00 (Pressemitteilung) (Registrierung)

Octavians (A Cappella): Minuten aus Jahrhunderten von Bach bis Beatles (Pressemitteilung) (Registrierung)
Die Octavians, acht junge Herren aus Jena, wurden jüngst in Leipzig zum 1. Preisträger des Internationalen A-Cappella-Wettbewerbs 2017 gekürt. Durch ihren homogenen Klang und ihre musikalische Vielseitigkeit brillieren die Sänger in besonderer Weise.

Unikat aus dem Chaos - DIE WELT

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 8. August 2017 - 6:15

Unikat aus dem Chaos
Acappella ist total beliebt. Vor 20 Jahren hat sich noch kaum jemand dafür hierzulande interessiert, Ausnahmen bestätigten die Regel. Doch nach den Comedian Harmonists hatten auch auf diesem Feld die Nazis verbrannte Erde hinterlassen. Seit ein paar ...

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A classic NPR story on barbershop history

Barbershop Harmony Society (engl.) - 7. August 2017 - 18:56

A search through the vaults of National Public Radio unearthed this 2002 story into the historic roots of barbershop harmony, featuring musicologist Gage Averill, Dr. Jim Henry, and performance by The Gas House Gang.

Premiere im Naturbad -

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 7. August 2017 - 18:02

Premiere im Naturbad
FÜRTH - Einen neuen Sänger hat das mittelfränkische A-cappella-Quintett Viva Voce vor wenigen Wochen an Land gezogen — eine Nachricht, die in der bundesweiten Fangemeinde der Ansbacher Band für einige Furore sorgte. Zu einem besonderen ...

Haarspaltend-gute Unterhaltung: Kistenhocker begeistern mit Witz und Dialekt - SÜDKURIER Online

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 6. August 2017 - 17:30

Haarspaltend-gute Unterhaltung: Kistenhocker begeistern mit Witz und Dialekt
In einer Mischung aus Minnegesang und a-cappella übersetzt das Trio ideenreich schwülstigen Kitsch der Romantik ins Badisch-Pragmatische. Sie finden Haare im Essen, berichten über das kreisrunde Waldsterben auf dem männlichen Haupt und schöpfen ...

Friedrichshafen: A-cappella-Nacht: Ein fulminantes Feuerwerk der ... - Schwäbische

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 6. August 2017 - 17:15


Friedrichshafen: A-cappella-Nacht: Ein fulminantes Feuerwerk der ...
Friedrichshafen sz Es ist am Freitag im Großen Zelt eine A-cappella-Reise von der Steiermark in Österreich bis in den Hohen Norden nach Stockholm in ...

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Kulturufer: Perfekter Gruppenklang bei der A-Cappella-Nacht - SÜDKURIER Online

Google a-cappella-News (dt.) - 6. August 2017 - 15:55


Kulturufer: Perfekter Gruppenklang bei der A-Cappella-Nacht
Aber auch wer dieses Wort ahnungslos mit "die Chefs im Ring" übersetzt, liegt richtig: schließlich sind sie die Helden des Abends bei der A-Cappella-Nacht des Kulturufers. Das Publikum im ausverkauften großen Zelt ist aus dem Häuschen angesichts des ...
A-cappella-Nacht: Ein fulminantes Feuerwerk der VokalmusikSchwäbische

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BHS Member Center: Chapter & District Updates AND Updated Membership Application

Barbershop Harmony Society (engl.) - 5. August 2017 - 0:10

We’ve received a number of frequently asked questions related to the new BHS Member Center these last few weeks, specific to your role as a chapter or district leader and wanted to take the opportunity to share some additional information & resources with you.

Available online are training videos and documentation on how to utilize the Member Center as a chapter or district leader:

Updating Chapter Contact Information & Visitor Information

Please take a few moments and review your chapter profile in the Member Center. It is important that this information is up to date, so that our staff, our districts, our members/associates and even people who are interested in visiting or finding a local chapter can reach out.

To update and review, log in by visiting: and selecting on the left-hand side Chapters -> My Chapters.

Chapters now can designate generic chapter contact information (instead of it being determined by a particular role in our system.) Chapters can provide a contact email address, phone number and fax number (if applicable), to display publicly. This same area also hosts website and social media information for your chapter.

The Visitor Information section now replaces the area where your meeting date and time would display in our former system. Further, this new functionality provides a designated area for you to provide custom and additional instructions. Here are some common examples of what can be added to this area:

  • “We meet on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm”
  • “Enter through the Backdoor”
  • “We enjoy singing in the community and do not meet every Tuesday night. Please contact us prior to visiting!”
  • “ We have a holiday show coming up this December. Join us on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm for a time of fellowship, singing, and community”

For a specific tutorial on how to update your chapter contact information or visitor information, visit:

Adding New or Existing Members to Your Chapter Online

New or Existing Members (with the exception of transfer applications) can now be added to your chapter using the Member Center! For a tutorial on how a Chapter Secretary can add a member online, visit:  

Our goal is to make it easier for Chapter Secretaries to add members without the hassle or responsibility of managing paper applications that host sensitive information (birthdays, credit card information, addresses, etc.) You can add members using your computer, tablet, OR mobile device. The information that you need to add a member:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Birthday

The new member will then be invited to finish their application online, providing information such as their contact phone number, address, etc. (the same information found on a paper application!) as well as pay directly for their membership.

Paper Membership Applications Still Accepted!

Paper BHS Membership Applications will continue to be accepted, but a check fee of $10 will be added for those who choose to pay by check.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The paper BHS Membership Application has been revised. To download the newest Membership Application, please CLICK HERE.


For increased security of processing credit cards, the new Membership Applications asks for a CVV number. The CVV (Card Verification Value) is the three digit code (for VISA, Mastercard, or Discover) or four digit code (for American Express) on the back of the credit card. Please assist us in ensuring that the CVV code is written on the paper applications.

Reminder About our BHS Privacy Policy

As a friendly reminder, we have shared our privacy policy which can be found here:

This policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard our member’s information when visiting our website, including any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected.

Member Center Virtual Info & Tutorial Sessions

This past week and for the month of August, we are hosting online video sessions to provide more comprehensive assistance and training. Here you will be able to video chat with someone who can answer your questions and show you how to navigate the Member Center. These are available on a first come, first served basis on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning August 2 from 1 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. CDT.

To join these webinars on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (from 1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. CDT), CLICK HERE

Reporting Issues & Feedback

If you experience any technical or other errors while using the system, please contact us at [email protected] or call 800.876.SING.

If you have any suggested feedback or areas of improvement for the Member Center, we encourage you to utilize our feedback form found by CLICKING HERE.

Thank You!

Caki Gray                                                 Antonio Lombardi
Director of Membership                          Manager of Chapter Leadership & Education
Barbershop Harmony Society                Barbershop Harmony Society
[email protected]        [email protected]